Top International Destinations to Travel From India Under 50K Budget

We all know that travelling relaxes the mind and rejuvenates the soul. And, what can be more exciting than travelling to international destinations? An international holiday is on everyone’s bucket list. However, what shatters your dream plans is the budget. Most of the times, because of budget constraints, we end up dropping our plans. Well, the good news is that there are many low budget countries to visit from India and yet are luxurious destinations.
With some good amount of research, mental notation of tips and suggestions and planning months in advance you can fulfil your desire of international holiday.
We bring to you the top 5 luxury holidays for just under INR 50000 where you can spend a peaceful vacation without putting a dent in your wallet.

Popular International Destinations from India under 50k Budget

1. Thailand

Thailand is one among the exotic holiday spots under INR 50000 that lures thousands of travellers every year owing to its great white beaches, coral reefs and out of the ordinary island habitation. This vibrant country boasts of vivacious nightlife, tropical forests, opulent royal palaces, spiritual Buddha temples and rich cultural heritage. Adventure enthusiasts can opt for activities like scuba diving, snorkelling, cliff jumping and underwater walk in Thailand.

• Approximate Airfare: INR 15000 to 20,000
• Ideal Duration: 5 days
• Average Lodging Cost: INR 3000-3500 per night
• Places to Visit: Phuket, Bangkok, Tarutao, Santikhiri

2. Malaysia

Malaysia proves itself to be a cheap travel destination from India and presents an ideal balance of contemporary amenities and natural habitats. The country is brimming with history and the picturesque landscape favours sightseeing expeditions. With ample services for local commute and reasonably priced dining outlets, Malaysia is for everyone on a tight budget. Adventure junkies must take a ‘flying coffin’ riverboat and enjoy a ride up the Batang Rejang River.

• Approximate Airfare: INR 25,000
• Ideal Duration: 6 days
• Average Lodging Cost: INR 3500-4000 per night
• Places to Visit: Aquaria KLCC, The Batu caves, Sunway Lagoon Park, The Merdeka Square, Istana Budaya

3. Dubai

Dubai is another jewel among all the other best countries to visit outside India under 50000. The city oozes with elegance and the architectural marvels here will leave you enthralled. Dubai is a beautiful amalgamation of the old traditions and modern culture. The city of skyscrapers falls nothing short of glitz and glamour. The commute time from India plays the most important role and its high-speed connectivity internally wins Dubai the crown for an ideal holiday destination.

• Approximate Airfare: INR 20,000
• Ideal Duration: 5 days
• Average Lodging Cost: INR 4000-4500 per night
• Places to Visit: The Dubai Mall, Burj Khalifa, Dubai Desert Safari, The Miracle Garden

4. Sri Lanka

This small yet astounding country provides a striking contrast with its lush green gardens, white sand beaches, mansions, vibrant gastronomy culture and shopping malls. As Sri Lanka is India’s neighbouring country, it is definitely to be considered among all places to visit from India under 50000. You will find a blend of modern lifestyle and colonial buildings and every corner of the country is worth a click. One can enjoy encounters with wild life along with meditating at the very peaceful temples here.

• Approximate Airfare: INR 15,000
• Ideal Duration: 5 days
• Average Lodging Cost: INR 3500-4500 per night
• Places to Visit: The Gangaramaya Temple, Colombo Fort Area, Pettah Market

5. Singapore

One of the highest visited countries in the world, Singapore is the best foreign countries to visit from India under 50k. Singapore is a perfect blend of art, culture, night life, cuisine and architecture. In the global city of Singapore, you can witness the new as well as old city heritage. Whether you love lazing on beaches or diving into adventure sports, there are endless opportunities to meet your every need.
• Approximate Airfare: INR 30,000
• Ideal Duration: 3 days
• Average Lodging Cost: INR 4000-4500 per night
• Places to Visit: The Gardens by the Bay, the Universal Studios, Sentosa Islands, the Singapore Zoo

So leave all your worries about budget international trips from India and plan to visit one of these top 5 international holiday destinations while having the enchantment, fun and extravaganza at par.
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