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Suburban Travels and Holidays delivers well maintained fully furnished apartments & villas in Cochin, and other tourist destinations in Kerala. We aim to provide an authentic experience that will remain in your heart for a life time. Our short stay rental houses in Kerala provide the travellers a homely feeling at incredibly low prices. Many of our Non Resident Indian (NRI) clients hire this for their family stay during their vacation in Kerala. These stays can be comfortably used for family functions and short meical treatments as well.


Suburban Travels and Holidays provide Short Stay Rentals in private bungalows at hill stations for tourists to get a glimpse of life there & to enjoy the ethnic local cuisine. These properties has state of the art facilities with resident staff including cook, sweepers, watchmen, drivers and attendants at your beck & call.


Book your apartments & houses now and get the best rates for your short stay to enjoy the holidays or functions in Kerala.


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