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The Land of Pyramid 

Daywise itinerary : 

Day 1: Arrival Cairo 

Arrival at Cairo. Our representative will assist you through passport control formalities, luggage identification & portage. From the airport you will be transferred by a private A/C car to your hotel. Overnight in Cairo.

Day 2: Egyptian Museum of antiquities

After breakfast, start your day visiting the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities. This famous museum houses the world’s largest collection of ancient Egyption artifacts (more than 120,000 items on display) featuring the famous Tutankhamun collection with its beautiful gold death mask and sarcophagus and the royal Mummy room, which houses an additional eleven Pharaonic dignitaries.Full day visit at museum. Then return back to hotel.Night stay at the hotel.

Day 3: Gizeh plateau

proceed to Gizeh plateau. The plateau is home to the three great pyramids of Khufu, Khafre, and Menkaure as well as the Sphinx and numerous mastabas, tombs, and mortuary temples. An ancient Arab proverb says it all, "Man fears time; time fears the pyramids". The Pyramid of Khufu (Keops in Greek) is the only remaining wonder of the ancient world.  Built of over two million blocks of limestone, the pyramid is one of the most impressive architectural achievements in history. Islamic Cairo: Islamic Cairo is not more or less Islamic than the rest of the city, but it's the area of the city which holds the most, the greatest and the most famous Islamic monuments. Many of these raised by the Fatimid caliphs who founded the city Cairo (preceded by Fustat or Old Cairo). Unlike Islamic quarters in other cities, people, often quite poor, continue to live by historic monuments and mosques. A huge, bustling center of worship, trade, shopping and commuting. Vacating hotel, trip to Sharm el-Sheikh by A/C bus.

Day 4 & Day 5: Sharm el-Sheikh

Sharm el-Sheikh is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Arab world. But there are also some very good reasons to visit it if you are not the common tourist, who likes to lie on the beach all day. It is one of the finest diving spots in the world and a trip into the desert is an unforgettable adventure.

The Sinai Peninsula is a remote desert mountain range. The rocky mountains are parted from the deep-blue sea by a flat desert strip. This combination of desert and sea is an incredible sight and makes you believe you are on a different plane.

Attractions: Coptic Church, Al Mustafa Mosque, Ras um Sid beach, Tiran Island, Musical Fountain Sharm el sheikh, Dolphina Park.

Activities: Horse Riding through Beaches of sharm el sheikh or Red Sea Coral Reef Snorkeling at Ras Mohamed National Park or Diving Course at only one apnea centre, Snorkeling, Scuba Diving.

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Day 6:Departure

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