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Wonderful Germany 

Daywise itinerary of your Wonderful Germany holidays! 

Day One :Berlin: Breakfast, Sightseeing

Brandenburg Gate: Definitely one of Berlin’s iconic symbols, the former city gate survived many important events in German and world history, including being isolated for a long time by the Berlin Wall. Today, the gate hosts many kinds of cultural events and is visited everyday by thousands of tourists.  Tiergarten: There are more than 2,500 public parks and gardens in Berlin, and almost a fifth of the city is covered with trees. But even among all that green, Tiergarten stands out. With more than 200 hectares, it is the second largest urban garden in Germany - and it’s not just a park either: Both inside and outside you can find many other interesting monuments, buildings and memorials.  Reichstag Building: Here it is, the German Parliament - only a short distance from Brandenburg gate and Tiergarten, the government headquarters is where lots of important decisions are made. The Reichstag Building itself is also famous for its glass dome - designed by British architect Norman Foster; it's one of the symbols of Berlin as the new German capital. Potsdam's Gardens :This ultramodern square is a prime example of "new” Berlin: Many famous architects, such as Renzo Piano, worked after the fall of Berlin’s wall to build this fancy new area, complete with skyscrapers, modern offices, shops and cinemas. You'll hardly believe that this square was once an urban desert-scape, divided by the wall in the '80s.

Day 2 : Berlin  Breakfast. Sightseeing,  Activities.

Team Escape: Break the routine, one room - one hour - one team. Only you and your teammates' minds in a race against time. Find hidden objects and hints, combine them, and solve mysteries and puzzles. All of this with only one goal in mind - to escape the room! Recognize connections and discover secret hiding places. Use your mind, teamwork, and ingenuity to uncover the mystery of the room.  Pergamon museum :This internationally renowned ancient history museum contains several fantastic artefacts, including the huge Altar of Zeus and the famous Ishtar Gate from Babylon. Berlin Hohenschoenhausen Memorial: The Soviets took over a former canteen block in the north-east of Berlin at the end of the Second World War and turned it into a special detainment camp. After the camp was closed in October 1946, the cellar was converted into the main Soviet Secret Police prison for detention and interrogation in East Germany. In 1951 the East German Ministry of State Security (Stasi) took over the prison, added a new prison building in 1961 and, until 1989, used the site as its main remand centre. Thousands of political prisoners passed through this jail.

Day 3 : Hamburg, Breakfast. Sight seeing

Miniature Wonderland: Miniature Wonderland is the world’s largest model train exhibit, and still growing. See trains running through recreations of Hamburg and the coast, Austria, the Grand Canyon and Scandinavia. Hamburg Zoo.Dinner, trip to North Sea Islands, 3 hour journey.

Day 4 and 5 : The North Sea islands

The island of Föhr is located in the north-western part of Schleswig-Holstein. The 45-minute mini-cruise from Dagebüll-Mole to Föhr, past the Hallig islands on the glistening Wadden Sea, is the ideal way to slip into holiday mode. The cruise passes through the Schleswig-Holstein Wadden Sea National Park, a remarkable habitat for 10,000 different species of plant and animal. The national park has had UNESCO World Natural Heritagestatus since 2009 thanks to the Wadden Sea's unique ecosystem. Holidaymakers can live by the rhythm of the tides, experiencing how this constant ebb and flow magically transforms and reinvents the landscape around them.

The North Frisian island of Amrum is one of the best day trip destinations in Schleswig-Holstein. With its bracing North Sea air, coastal wetlands and a beach that seems to stretch on forever, Amrum is ideal for active holidays and relaxation. It is located in the heart of the Schleswig-Holstein Wadden.

Day 6 morning, breakfast, vacating the resorts, to Hamburg air port, from there to Cochin.

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